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The First World Bee Day Encounters Yangzhou, China

The First World Bee Day Encounters Yangzhou, China

Einstein, The great scientist once said,“If bees were to disappear from the globe, mankind would only have four years left to live.”

Origin of World Bee Day

Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association proposed to the United Nations on April, 2015 to designate May 20th as World Bee Day. After discussion on the 44th APIMONDIA Congress held in Daejeon, Korea in September, 2015, the date was settled.

World Bee Day in China

In order to respond to the call of APIMODIA, to advocate taking care of bees and protecting the earth for maintaining human health, to promote bee culture and spirit, to implement ecological civilization construction and to enhance international bee culture exchange, ASAC decided todesigante May 20th as Chinese International Bee Day,and got registered in relevant authorities.

The First World Bee Day Activities

To make World Bee Day theme activities sustainable, ASAC Bee Museum (Yangzhou) was assigned as the first World Bee Day activities venue, and will organize the theme day activities with specialSponsor from Yangzhou Sanbang Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.
ASAC Bee Museum (Yangzhou) is located at the National Wetland Park of Yangzhou Phoenix Island,. The beehive-shaped museum takes up nearly 2000and lies in harmony with nature. There are eight exhibition halls in the museum,namelybees enriches our life, time tunnel, bee valley, bee kingdom, bee and environment, bee talent, historical records of bee and bee experience hall. It is the main place for ASAC to hold domestic and international meetings, as well as to carry out bee culture exchange and exhibition.


Reasons to Hold Such Activities

The first World Bee Dayin China will make great sense to broadcast nature and biology culture, enhance excellent culture of human to exchange, along with to help the national strategy of “The Belt and Road”.
The first World Bee Day is of great significance for promoting natural eco-culture, enhancing the international exchange of excellent human culture, and supporting the Belt and Road national strategy.
May 20th, Little bee encounters beautiful Yangzhou
Sparkles must be generated when the first World Bee Day theme activities met with Yangzhou at its best season!

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