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2015 AAA General Assembly Meeting Minutes
2015 AAA General Assembly Meeting Minutes
DDC, Daejeon, Korea
13:00-14:40 Sept. 17, 2016
Prof. Siriwat Wongsiri, Presiding
Prof. Cleofas Cervancia
Ms. Hitomi Enomoto
Prof. Kun-Suk Woo
Dr. Osman Kaftanoglu
Other delegates from member countries
Prof. Siriwat welcomed all the participants, thanked Korea Beekeeping Association, especially Kyun-hwan Cho and Prof. Kun-suk Woo for their enormous effort in organizing the 44th APIMONDIA Congress and thanked the LOC for providing the meeting room. Prof. Woo informed everyone of the Economy Forum which will be cohosted by Apimondia, AAA and Japan, further information will be sent to everyone’s mailbox, and the theme would be Honey Standards.
Prof. Osman reported about the 12th AAA Conference held in Antalya, Turkey last year. And then Prof. Siriwat introduced the Prince Congress held on June 2-3 in Thailand and informed everyone of the coming workshop at Majeo University on Oct. 29-31. The workshop would invite AAA, FAO and CAAS and Prof. Siriwat invited member countries to join the workshop.
Prof. Siriwat also introduced new member countries this year, which were Myanmar, Mongolia and Iran. Mongolia and Iran invited AAA office to visit bee farms of their countries, and AAA has decided to visit the bee farms of every member countries and updates AAA website. Prof. Jung reported the ongoing position of Journal of Apicultural Science, the official Journal of AAA. Prof. Siriwat required it to be 2 issues a year and everyone approved.
Prof. Ahmad Alkahzim reported the preparation of the 13th AAA Conference next year, which falls on April, 2016. Prof. Siriwat suggested to add Honey Contest this year with the name of “AAA Award” and required AAA office to put the Conference website link on AAA website and send to Bees for Development also.
Prof. Cleofas informed everyone of the Apimondia Philippines Symposium and Workshop on Indigenous Bees on Feb. 1-4, 2016. She said the workshop and symposium will also work with AAA and welcomed every country to participate.
The meeting ends at 15:00.
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